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Are there long-term contracts when I Join?

Absolutely Not! You can cancel any time. There are no long-term contracts or cancellations fees.

Does the VIP program charge my credit or debit card on a monthly basis?

Yes. The day you sign up becomes your monthly payment date for each consecutive month you are on the program. Your credit card will be billed on that day each consecutive month for a single VIP wash for the level you selected when you signed up. Each time your credit card is billed, the wash will be immediately available on your account.

How long do I have to use each VIP wash once my credit card is billed?

All washes are good for the 12 months from the time of purchase. For example, if your credit card is billed on November 15th, 2018, the wash will be instantly added to your account and available for use anytime between November 15th, 2018 and November 15th, 2019!

What if I’m unable to use my wash?

Unfortunately, if you aren’t able to use your wash within a 12-month period, the wash will expire. Don’t worry though, as long as we have your email, we will send you notifications to let you know there are unused washes on your account.

What if I want to wash more than once per month?.

As long as you are a VIP member, you have access to our VIP pricing for any and all car washes. When you arrive at the car wash, your vehicle will be recognized by scanning the membership RFID barcode on the windshield, unlocking access to VIP pricing for any wash.

If you consistently wash your vehicle 3 or more times per month, we recommend checking out our unlimited wash plan options.

How do I cancel my VIP MembershIP?

You may cancel by visiting one of our locations or calling during store hours and one of our team members will help you.

What if I want a different wash level than the level I signed up for?

Not a problem. As a VIP member, you will always have the option to select any of our other amazing wash services and will receive the VIP membership rate, even if you have unused washes on your account.

We are example people, so let’s use an example. Let’s say Jane is an exterior only Gold level VIP member with 2 washes on her account. Upon visiting the car wash, her membership RFID barcode will be scanned, and she will be given 2 options. 

Option 1: She can use one of the Gold level washes she has on her account and simply proceed through to her wash experience. 

Option 2: If Jane is feeling like a Platinum level clean that day, she can keep the 2 Gold level washes on her account and simply select the Platinum wash. Because Jane is a VIP member, she will only pay $17, the VIP price, instead of the retail price of $21. It always pays to be a VIP!

Can I use my VIP membership for more than 1 vehicle? 

No. Each VIP membership is specific to a single vehicle. Upon sign up, you will receive a membership RFID barcode, which must be affixed to the vehicle by a Carolina Car Wash team member. Your vehicle must have the membership RFID barcode affixed to the windshield in order to use your VIP washes.

Will I receive a refund when I cancel?

No, you will not receive a refund. However, any VIP washes on your account will continue to be available for you to use until they are expired, as long as you still have your membership RFID barcode. Washes expire 12 months from the date of purchase.